Symphony of the Goddesses is a Legendary Time – 10.12.15



What did you do last weekend? Because I probably had the coolest weekend ever. Roughly a week and a half ago I decided to purchase spur-of-the-moment tickets to The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses in Chicago, snag the cheapest plane ticket I could find, and planned on flying out to Chicago on Thursday, October 1st. Later that night, I was in Chicago’s own Auditorium Theatre listening to some pretty damn majestic Legend of Zelda music.


My pictures turned out terribly so I turned to Google for an example of what the show looked like, although the one I attended was much larger.

The symphony was structured so that each movement was comprised of the musical highlights of each game. For example, my personal favorite, Movement 2, was The Wind Waker and among other pieces,  it featured the Main theme, Outset Island,  and the Great Sea. In total, six movements were performed (Majora’s Mask, A  Link Between Worlds, Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and A Link to the Past), along with other individual pieces interspersed such as various boss battles, Gerudo Valley, and the Great Fairy Fountain. Additionally, Song of Healing, Deku Palace, Termina Field, Song of Time, Dragon Roost Island, and Ballad of the Goddesses were performed as “surprise” encores.  There was a video of the games that perfectly correlated to what the musicians were performing, although, it was equally interesting to instead watch the 90-piece orchestra and choir bring the music to life. In total, the show was 2.5 hours but I’m confident someone played the Song of Double Time because the performance flew by incredibly quickly. As I listened, I was transported back to the different points in my life when I was playing  each of the games that I heard. I returned to my childhood and my earliest gaming memories when I listened to The Wind Waker and when segments from Phantom Hourglass were performed, I was reminded of my cheerless years in middle school. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is remarkably talented and there was something captivating about experiencing live, orchestrated versions of themes I’ve come to adore.


This game’s soundtrack is amazing.

However, as awesome and nostalgic as it was, I did have one complaint. Because it wasn’t a typical symphony, the audience was comprised of more nerds than aficionados of classical music. The conductor and CEO’s were fully aware of this and as a result, they encouraged attendees to flip their shit as much as they pleased whenever they heard music they enjoyed. Because most people there were attending because they like Zelda music (duh), there was pretty much incessant cheering each time the music changed. Maybe I’m being a pretentious wanker but listening to the kid next to me tweak out and list each game at every other measure was pretty irritating.


I’ve played these games too, friend.

Despite this, the overall experience was amazing. The musicians were talented and the setup was lively and entertaining. I still find myself listening to the Symphony on YouTube and look forward to attending sometime again in the future. If you like Zelda and you like epic music, most definitely check out The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses.

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