The Insert Additional Coins Grading System – 9.13.16


Over the past few months I’ve been putting some thought into my reviews and how they should be formatted. Every brilliant game blogger needs a system, right? I’ve tried all manner of grading systems in the past but I’ve settled on something relatively simple. In my mind, games can’t be summarized with specific grade letters or numbers. This is why my reviews will be handled differently, utilizing a system that makes more sense to me. Generally, all the games that I’ve played have fallen somewhere under one of these four categories. Here they are:a3oT+f+P8AWrkS88FKFRMAAAAASUVORK5CYII=


At the very top of the ladder are games worthy enough to be deemed “Legendary”. This here is unicorn territory and for a game to be considered “Legendary”, it’s gotta knock my damn socks off. For instance: The Witcher 3: Wild HuntThe Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Portal 2 and E.T. for the Atari

Worth Every Penny

Worth Every Penny

Just one tier down we have the “Worth Every Penny”, which is fairly self-explanatory. Placed here is any game I find clearly “Worth Every Penny” in both time and money I might invest. Though they might not be “Legendary”, games put here are still generally great experiences. For instance: Borderlands, Dishonored.  


Sale Price

Not all games are either excellent or terrible. Sometimes, they just end up being somewhere in the middle. For games like these, I typically just recommend waiting for the “Sale Price”. In the review, I’ll also offer what I believe is a reasonable pricetag. For instance, I’d recommend only getting Mad Max and Watch Dogs for somewhere closer to $20-30.


Sometimes, games just suck and they just need to be “Skipped”. In all honesty, I typically won’t go out of my way to write reviews for games I sense are generally terrible. Sorry, I hope you guys aren’t eagerly awaiting my review of Day One: Garry’s Incident.

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