Houston, We Have Closure – 7.15.2015



This is a pretty good representation of what my backlogged Steam Library looks like.

From the back of my shelves they watch me. From the gray corners of my Steam library they silently judge me. All the games I’ve purchased whilst fooling myself into believing that I’d actually play them. Among my unbeaten games are XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bioshock 2, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. I know I’m not the only that has amassed such a graveyard of unfinished games either. We all have that backlog, compiled of games we bought on impulse, likely during the Steam Summer Sale. Some of them never honestly planned on playing and others are titles we just never really got around to completing. Admittedly, my list of unfinished titles is likely a bit larger than average because, like Adam Sandler being notorious for starring with his friends in horrendous, low-budget dramedies at the beach, I am notorious for not completing videogames. As of yesterday, the largest thorn in my side was New Super Mario Bros. U.

As far as games go, New Super Mario Bros. U is pretty much exactly what you’d expect.Peach gets nabbed and our friendly neighborhood plumbers get tasked with sweeping her out of trouble, albeit this time she’s imprisoned within her own castle. It’s thoroughly enjoyable but nothing legendary. It’s a game that sold due to its familiarity. Interestingly enough though, this time around, gameplay wasn’t all too pertinent. The game came with my Wii U and for months I’ve always told myself, “Yeah, I gotta go back and beat that game.”  Not because I particularly adore it but mostly for completion’s sake. I got halfway through it and leaving it unfinished just didn’t sit right with me. It was time for closure. Sometimes a man just needs to put his foot down, which is precisely what I did.


 They’re pretty much the same game anyway.

So,  I called up a buddy who had joined me previously and we got right back at it. We were going to beat this game by the end of the night even if we had to play until dawn, getting all 3 Star Coins on every level no less. We were men on a mission. And so, we played. From 6pm to 10:45pm, World 5 to World 8. Finally, after much deliberation, we managed to kick Bowser’s teeth in and complete all the unlockable Star Levels as well.

Though it may not seem like a tremendous deal, I’m royally pleased. Completing NSMBU puts me one step closer to cleaning up that backlog of games and easing my mind of guilt every time a purchase a new one. Praise Jeebus, I can finally breathe a bit easier knowing I can lay New Super Mario Bros. U to rest.


Even Peach can’t believe I actually completed this game.

For me it was New Super Mario Bros. U, but I’m curious to know what it was for you guys. What is that one game you’ve always intended to go back but never quite got around to completing?

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