Do you like video games, movies, technology, comic books, regular books, and all else nerdy? If you find yourself enjoying any number of things listed, chances are high that your ears will enjoy the brand-new Insert Additional Coins podcast. The show features myself, Lars Brady, as well as Cameron Anderson and John McMillan. Despite being separated by thousands of miles, the three of us convene each week over Skype to candidly walk our listeners through everything nerdy while also sharing our invaluable wisdom on such topics. It’s three handsome college dudes discussing videogames. What else could you need in your life?

Meet the hosts!

Lars Brady

Lars’ is passionate about both video games and video game journalism. Though he’s created content on all various corners of the internet, his current focus is Insert Additional Coins. He’s a proponent of open and honest discussion and loathes the regulation or censorship of game developers. Games are art and artists should not be restricted. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is his favorite game of all time. He is thoroughly convinced there will never a game created that can match it.

John McMillan


Among other things, John Mcmillan fiercely believes both season passes and pre-planned DLC (announced before the game is released) are ruining the games industry. He also has minimal interest in which AAA company is the developer, how remarkable the graphics are, or how anybody feels about the game’s box art or main character. If the game is good, it will speak for itself. John’s favorite game is Spider-Man for the PS1, closely followed by 102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue.

Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson serves as Insert Additional Coins’ stoic. He’s less vocal than his co-hosts but when he chips in, he (usually) has something intelligent to say. He’s passionate about games remaining a pure and unadulterated reflection of the developers. His favorite game is also The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker